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Purofirst Sanitizes a Property After Crime Scene is Cleared

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As restoration experts, the range of property damage runs the gamut from water damage to fire damage to mold remediation. However, the most challenging type of jobs we do are always the ones involving human injury, and we are sanitizing bloodstains or other bodily fluids. It is always terrible when these events occur, but we proudly rise to the occasion to help during the most difficult of circumstances.

Sanitizing Bloodstains on the Property

Recently, we were contacted by a local property management company to report that someone had been shot on their premises. They went on to describe the situation, being sure to mention that the blood had left a trail down the hallway, which effectively contaminated the entire area. We were notified that the authorities have already documented the scene, meaning it was now time for us to come in and clean the area.

The process of cleaning up a crime scene is that of a biohazard situation. Human remains and bodily fluids always present the risk of contamination, so, in order to safely and effectively perform such a cleanup, our technicians wear full personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes gloves, goggles, masks, and full bodysuits.

Our team went to work to clean the building. We had to remove the bloodstains, then decontaminate the area. As we mentioned, blood contains potential contaminants that need to be addressed beyond simple cleaning methods. We use special disinfectant solutions to neutralize any hazardous and potentially infectious fluids we came in contact with.

Jobs like this one are challenging, not just for the tasks of cleaning up, but for the humanity of it all. When there is significant human injury or death, it can be difficult to process our own emotions. However, we know that we serve an important and necessary role in allowing for a return to normalcy.

Contact Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington for Biohazard Cleanup Services

It is not required by law for the authorities to clean up after crime scenes. Purofirst is here to fulfill the needs of anyone needing to sanitize the area after a crime scene has been cleared by authorities. Our team is empathetic and efficient, to help resolve the situation as quickly and as easily as possible. Call Purofirst at 800-500-2399.

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