Surviving the Flood: 1...

Have you ever encountered the sudden and severe natural disasters known as flash floods? These fast-moving floods can transform a tranquil stream into a raging torrent within hours, resulting in extensive property damage and threatening lives. Whether you’re a homeowner or a motorist on the road, flash floods can take you by surprise. So, we’ve […]

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A Multi-Floor Soak: Wa...

When your home suddenly floods, the situation can rapidly escalate from alarming to catastrophic. Thankfully, Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington is prepared to tackle even the most extreme cases. Keep reading to learn about an intriguing case where a multi-level flood caused extensive water damage, which our team successfully restored in just five days. A Water […]

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What a Property Manage...

Hoarders and their living spaces often pose more questions than answers. How is a complex situation like hoarding handled? Can something be done about it? Property management companies entrusted with maintaining safe and habitable living environments should be acutely aware of several key considerations when faced with the complex issue of hoarding among tenants or […]

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Minutemen: Rapid Water...

During a water damage emergency, every minute counts. Water can infiltrate building materials, furniture, and flooring within seconds, causing extensive damage throughout your home. While most people know the damage caused by floods or burst pipes, few consider the damage that fire sprinklers can cause. After the sprinklers extinguish a fire, the residual water requires […]

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