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Infrared inspection provides a window to what’s going on behind the scenes in a building. Thermography provides a non-invasive “heat diagram” of such conditions as water leakage, damaged materials, energy use inefficiencies, point of origin, and electrical problems—related to as-built, post-casualty, and post-restoration situations.

Inside an Infrared Inspection

A homebuilder contacted Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington DC to inspect and locate possible water leaks or water intrusion involving one of their homes. Typically water on building materials will evaporate and cool by about 6 degrees. Infrared (IR) thermography was performed on the main level of this home to determine location of water leaks or air infiltration. As the images indicate, water leaks were located, along with missing insulation and air infiltration. A wet spot observed with the infrared camera will show as a distinct cool spot. The following report is a summary of findings:


As indicated by the infrared inspection, (Figure 1) there is one area of air infiltration that will require further investigation to determine cause. (Figure 2) There is a water leak in the ceiling of the Family Room. Upon running water in the shower in the Master Bathroom, this was determined to be a drain pipe leak. This will need to be repaired and the area checked thoroughly to ensure it is dry. The leak at the foyer windows is caused by a flashing problem on the Portico roof. This needs to be repaired prior to interior repair. (Figure 3) There are two areas of missing insulation. (Figure 4) The area in the ceiling of the Family Room can be remedied by accessing the attic from the garage. (Figure 5) However, the area in the wall of the Family Room will need to have the drywall removed to install the insulation.

Figure 1

Infrared picture reveals moisture in the wall to the right of foyer windows.

Figure 2

Infrared picture reveals moisture in the wall below the foyer windows.

Figure 3

Infrared picture reveals moisture in the wall below the foyer windows.

Figure 4

Infrared picture reveals missing insulation in the corner of the ceiling in the family room.

Figure 5

Infrared picture reveals air infiltration (fore-ground), a water leak in the corner, and another spot of missing insulation.

Infrared pictures are worth a thousand words…and can save many thousands of dollars in invasive examination and assessment.

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