Purofirst Remediates Lingering Smoke Odor After Tenant Moves Out

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We recently performed services on a Class A property (the highest quality buildings in their market and area) in Virginia, that’s managed by a large real estate management firm. Even though they have a no-smoking policy, the odor of smoke in the apartment was overpowering when a tenant living there for three years moved out.

When the smoke clears…

They made arrangements to get the apartment cleaned and painted, yet, despite that, the smoke odor remained. Management took another swing at the problem and replaced the carpeting, but, again, the smell persisted. The property manager and service manager were beside themselves with worry.

Thankfully, we have known the service manager for quite a while. So, they got in contact with us to tell us about their problem, and he asked if we could assist them. Fortunately, we are well-versed in odor-removal science, and we walked them through how we could help.

The only way to get rid of the smell and tobacco residue is to clean and seal all structural surfaces. Cleaning all surfaces is a standard procedure in the removal of tobacco smoke. Deodorization solutions are used at every stage of cleanup to aid remove the tiny particles of smoke. We got to work on the home, and after three days of deodorization, we succeeded in finally removing the smoke smell.

Contact Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington for Smoke Odor Removal Services

We can get rid of any odor, no matter how bad it is! Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington is here to remove tobacco smoke odors in your home or property effectively and in the shortest time possible. We provide complete smoke cleaning and sanitation, as well as professional deodorization. CallĀ us at 800-500-2399.

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