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What a Property Management Company Needs to Know About Hoarders

Posted by on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 in Biohazard Cleanup
Hoarders and their living spaces often pose more questions than answers. How is a complex situation like hoarding handled? Can something be done about it? Property management companies entrusted with maintaining safe and habitable living environments should be acutely aware of several key considerations when faced with the complex issue of hoarding among tenants or occupants.

What Property Management Companies Can Consider When Dealing with Hoarders

1) Understand Hoarding Disorder. Property management companies must understand that hoarding is not just about excessive clutter; it’s a complex mental health disorder. Hoarding disorder is characterized by persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value.
2) Be Mindful of Legal Obligations and Fair Housing Laws. If you haven’t already, get to know the fair housing laws and regulations that protect individuals with disabilities, including those with hoarding disorder. Discrimination against individuals with disabilities, including hoarding disorder, is prohibited under the Fair Housing Act. Hoarding situations must be handled with sensitivity to ensure you, as a property manager, do not violate any fair housing laws.
3) Observe Health and Safety Concerns. Hoarding can pose severe health and safety risks, such as fire hazards, mold growth, pest infestations, and blocked exits. Always prioritize the health and safety of all tenants and address hoarding situations promptly to mitigate these risks.
4) Communicate with Compassion. When addressing hoarding situations, please be sure to talk with affected tenants in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Building a trusting relationship with the hoarder can facilitate the process of addressing the issue and seeking appropriate assistance.
5) Join Forces with Mental Health Professionals. Collaborate with mental health professionals, social workers, or hoarding task forces in the community to provide support and resources for hoarders. These professionals can offer guidance on intervention strategies and connect hoarders with appropriate treatment and support services.
6) Develop Hoarding Policies. Enact specific policies and procedures for addressing hoarding situations within their properties. These policies should outline steps for identifying, assessing, and addressing hoarding behaviors while respecting the rights and dignity of the hoarder.
7) Consider Legal and Ethical Aspects. Navigate the legal and ethical considerations associated with addressing hoarding situations. This may involve seeking legal advice, respecting tenant privacy rights, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
8) Conduct Regular Inspections and Maintenance. Regularly inspect rental units to identify any signs of hoarding behavior early on. Implementing proactive maintenance measures can help prevent hoarding-related issues from escalating and ensure the overall safety and habitability of the property.
By understanding these considerations and implementing appropriate strategies, property management companies can effectively address hoarding situations while promoting the well-being of their tenants and maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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