Water Flows Down From a 2nd Floor Condo and Into Multiple Units

Posted by on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 in Water Damage Restoration

Water is affected by gravity. This phenomenon is what gives us beautiful waterfalls and tides. But in the world of property damage, gravity can make water damage spread from one area into several. Recently, in a large condominium in Arlington, VA, the property manager called Purofirst to handle water damage mitigation.

Performing the Restoration in the Condominium

The initial leak that caused the water damage occurred in late November of 2020. This leak began in a unit on the 2nd floor and leaked down into another residence below. The property manager called Purofirst to perform the mitigation. In situations like this, we are working with four separate clients: the property manager, the 2 unit owners, and the insurance company. The property manager asked a Purofirst Restoration Estimator to write an estimate for the insurance company to repair all the damage. The damage estimate included the replacement of insulation, drywall, trim, paint, tile flooring, plumbing repair, and plumbing fixtures.

Once the insurance company agreed to and approved the Purofirst restoration estimate and plan, the scope of work was transferred to our reconstruction division to perform a preconstruction walk, schedule, and complete the work. We provided a written timeline before the work’s commencement that explained what we would be performing each day and when we would finish. Despite the grand scope of the job, we were able to complete the work by mid-January.

Both homeowners felt that their lives were drastically affected, so our team tried their best to assist them as quickly as possible. Purofirst strives to make every one of our clients feel like they are the number one priority. We provided daily updates verbally to each client and provided weekly written reports on work accomplished and work scheduled in the days to come. Both clients were pleased with our work. We received a Certificate of Satisfaction from one of the customers, naming 3 of our repair technicians by name, and thanking us for sending such a fantastic crew to perform the repairs.

Contact Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington for Water Restoration and Reconstruction Services

It is important to have a plan before property damage strikes you or your client’s property. Call Purofirst at (800) 500-2399 for professional water mitigation services in the Metropolitan Washington area. We have the experience and equipment needed to make the restoration process as easy as possible.

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