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Purofirst Mitigates Large Commercial Water Loss in Rockville

Posted by on Friday, May 21st, 2021 in Water Damage Restoration

Our crew was recently called into a large commercial building to perform a challenging water restoration project. The client was a mechanical company that had its offices within the building. In total, 12 units within the building were affected by the flood, so we knew we had a big task ahead of us. When we got on-site, we learned that it would only get more challenging from there.

Overcoming Multiple Challenges

Our crews are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment and drying techniques to mitigate water damage on various properties. We are prepared to handle different situations as they arise. However, the primary obstacle we faced in this job was an aspect most people probably take for granted: access to power. Without electricity, we can’t activate our equipment, and therefore can’t dry the property. So, we had to improvise. We ran extension cords to provide the power, and we had to do daily monitoring to ensure the equipment continued to function properly. 

However, with that problem solved, new ones began to arise. Not only did we struggle to maintain power to our equipment, but we also had to deal with other workers turning off our machines, which slows the drying process down tremendously. Additionally, we weren’t hired to perform the demolition and had to wait for another company, which didn’t happen until the third day.

All of these challenges tested us, but we focused on solutions to be successful. We made the necessary adjustments and stayed patient to get the job done correctly for our client. Despite the adversity, our team was able to complete the drying process of the building in just seven days, which is three days quicker than was requested by the client.

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