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Multiple Mega Mold Mitigations

Posted by on Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 in Mold Remediation

They say real estate is one of the most proven ways to make money. However, they failed to consider a potential hole in that plan: the real estate needs to be safe! A real estate investment group bought had recently purchased a group of apartment buildings near Capitol Hill. Once they took possession of their investment, they noticed that many apartment units had mold issues. They couldn’t rent the apartment in this condition, so they asked us to remediate them properly so they could finally see a return on investment.

Going All-Out for our Clients

This job was tremendous in scale. Obviously, there was a large financial investment in the operation of these facilities, so we were under pressure to return them to a livable condition as swiftly as possible. The longer an apartment building had mold, the worse it might get, and the longer it would not bring in rental income for the investors. We planned to pull out all the stops and gave it all we got.

The techniques we used were fairly standard for mold mitigation. However, the sheer scope of the job scaled the difficulty up significantly. Our crews worked around the clock for five weeks to restore the buildings. They performed cleaning, sanitization, deodorization, and continually checked for any moisture remaining in each unit they mitigated.

To save time and help our team manage the process, we rented hotel rooms near the property so our technicians wouldn’t have much of a commute. The crews, who were incredibly committed to their work, took turns sleeping so we could have people on-site at all times. It was exhausting work for our team of technicians, and we could not have asked more from them. This situation is a great reminder of the fact that we’ve built the success of our organization on the strong work ethic and true dedication of our team members. It was a real challenge but they proudly got the job done! They say there is nothing quite as fulfilling as a job well done, and the client was excited to begin leasing the apartments.

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Most jobs do not compare in size to this one, but we’re prepared! We handle mold remediation for all sorts of property in the DC area. Call us anytime at (800) 500-2399 when you have water, fire, mold, biohazard, or reconstruction needs for your property.

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