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17th Floor Condo Fire Floods 16 Apartments When the Sprinklers Go Off

Posted by on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 in Water Damage Restoration

Fire damage to your property can be devastating. But most people aren’t aware that water damage often accompanies a fire, creating a double-whammy of sorts as to how to restore the property after the disaster is contained. Recently, a high-rise apartment building in Alexandria was flooded after a fire broke out on the 17th floor. Thankfully, they called Purofirst, and we got right to work restoring the condos.

A Sprinkler Flood is More Than a Sprinkle

You might be wondering why fire damage often coincides with water damage. The answer is simple: we use water to extinguish fires. Whether it ‘s from the hoses used by the fire department or the sprinklers dousing the blaze, water soaks the property out of necessity. But, as we mentioned, it turns a more dangerous situation into a different type of problem. This is where restoration specialists like us come in.

In this case, the fire broke out in late November. It wasn’t very large, but it took place way up in a unit on the 17th floor. And while the smoke and soot were contained in the source unit, several sprinklers in the four adjacent apartments all went off. Thanks to the help of gravity, the sprinklers flooded not only those four units but also the four units on each of the three floors below. This meant that there were 16 different apartments with sprinkler flood damage. Yikes!

We arrived within the hour to start the drying and cleaning process. There were multiple challenges for us, one of which was to dry it fast enough before mold could begin to develop. The master policy covered the project, so the condominium was our client. However, we still were working with 16 unit owners, which was the second challenge, but our excellent staff worked diligently to communicate effectively with all of them. Within the week, we successfully dried the complex from the sprinkler flood.

Contact Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington for Flood Damage Restoration

Whether it be from burst pipes, a flash flood, a sprinkler flood, or any other reason, if your property is suffering from water damage, contact us at (800) 500-2399. Our team of professional restoration experts will restore your property to its pre-loss condition and communicate with you each step of the way.

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